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The Bright Engineers program, was developed, optimized and conceived to the purpose of concentrating our youth's energy onto the emerging fields of Science, Technology, Electronics, and Math (STEM). Through a friendly, academic environment, the students are exposed to ideas and projects that are outside the scope of scholastic curriculums.

Away from the traditional classrooms, we strongly believe that our courses spark the imagination of our kids, and forces out elements of critical thinking, creativity, and focus that are never developed in schools nowadays. Our hands-on, experimental approach to every concept given in the courses makes it possible for the kid to feel empowered, and in control of his or her learning curve. Which in turn nurtures confidence, responsibility, and intellectual autonomy at a younger age.

Through the 10 levels, students are taught about electronics, robotics, electricity, mechanics, telecommunication, entrepreneurship, and much more. We expect our students to have fully completed an idea for an invention of his own work, with plans, structures, and presentations that will be assessed by his mentors by the end of the 10th level as a graduating project. Although that might seem farfetched, but nevertheless, we continue to believe in our kids' ability to think about things from a much simpler, focused perspective. Something, our industry lacks, and is in need of. We hope that through our program we nurture this generation of young bright engineers, to excel at the graduate level, and spark up our industry in all directions.