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After the students have been introduced to the Mindstorms environment, we now dig deeper into mechanical and computer based concepts. By the end of this level, students should have a clear understanding of program iteration, mathematical operations, and algorithms. They should be able to write advance programs with different outputs according to sensory input without using the simplified blocks that were present in level I.

On the mechanical side, in this level students learn how to build more stable robots, and are introduced to stress, center of gravity, drag forces, and other mechanical concepts. Further, in this level, we try to make the students think about solutions of their own as much as we can to show them that one problem might have more than one solution, and each of these solutions is valid. In addition to further strengthening their self-confidence, problem solving (or task oriented design) boosts the student's analytical skills, and puts them on the right track toward developing their own Engineering Design Process (EDP).